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How Getting a Speeding Ticket Can Affect the Price of Auto Insurance

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“Getting a speeding ticket can affect the price of auto insurance. Taking a defensive driving course and increasing deductibles are some of the most common methods used by speeding drivers to reduce their insurance premiums, ”said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that discusses how speeding tickets can affect the price of auto insurance premiums.

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Drivers who have recently received a speeding ticket may wonder if they will pay it again with their auto insurer. Whether the price of auto insurance increases after receiving a speeding ticket depends on many factors such as the severity of the violation, where the ticket was received or whether the speeding driver has recently received other tickets, among others. In most cases, speeding will affect the price of the premium. Moving violations are considered part of the driving record, and drivers who have one or more of them will be seen as more risky for their carriers to insure. Having speeding tickets on the driving record could result in significantly higher rates. A single speeding ticket for going over the 11-15 mile limit can increase a driver’s auto insurance rate by an average of 20%.

The way driving offenses are handled by an auto insurance provider differs depending on the offense, state, carrier, and the driving and insurance history of the driver. Based on these factors, a speeding ticket will affect the cost of insurance under the following conditions:

  • What type of offense was it and where does the driver live. Usually, points received on a driver’s license for moving infractions, such as a minor speeding ticket, fall off the motor vehicle report or driving record within two to three years. However, this period may be shorter or longer, depending on the severity of the violation and the laws of the state. Points received by a driver who has been ticketed for reckless driving will remain on a driving record longer. Usually, insurance providers look at things that have arisen in the past three to five years when pricing an insurance policy. A premium increase due to receiving a speeding ticket will likely occur during renewal periods.
  • Was this the driver’s first offense or does he have other speeding tickets. Drivers over the age of 25 who received their first speeding ticket are unlikely to experience an increase in their premiums. Additionally, drivers who have not received a speeding ticket in the past three years can also expect not to see their premium increase after receiving a ticket. However, getting a lot of speeding tickets over a three to five year period will not only increase a driver’s rates, but also increase the chances of losing standard insurance coverage.
  • Where was the driver when he received the speeding ticket. If a driver receives a speeding ticket in a state where they do not live, the premium may or may not increase. Not all states share driving information. Some states, like Colorado, only share information for major offenses such as DUIs or reckless driving.
  • Which auto insurance provider does the speeding driver have? One of the most important factors in whether the driver will be charged more for the premium after receiving a speeding ticket is the insurance provider chosen. The driving record is the primary factor in how most traditional auto insurance companies calculate insurance rates.

After getting a speeding ticket, most drivers will look for ways to make their premiums more affordable after the increase. Some of these ways include going to a traffic school or taking a defensive course, adjusting policy deductibles, looking for additional discounts, and driving safer. Additionally, drivers who believe they have received a traffic ticket unfairly may try to challenge it.

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