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Best Cheap Auto Insurance in Massachusetts 2021 – Forbes Advisor

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Finding Cheap Auto Insurance in Massachusetts

Massachusetts auto insurance rules can be complex, especially because the state wants your auto insurance to coordinate with your health plan for auto accident medical claims. But finding a good price shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve evaluated 17 auto insurance companies to find the best rates for a variety of drivers.

Cheap Massachusetts Auto Insurance for Good Drivers

Even with a stellar record, not all companies will offer you good auto insurance rates. Geico auto insurance can be your best bet. Whether you are a member of the military or a veteran, USAA offers competitive prices for those who are eligible for USAA auto insurance.

Inexpensive Car Insurance In Massachusetts For Speeding Drivers

A pied-à-terre in Bay State can end up costing you more when it comes to insurance. If you have a speeding ticket on your record, it’s worth getting quotes from insurers like Geico or Norfolk and Dedham. USAA is a good choice if you are eligible with military affiliation.

Cheap auto insurance in Massachusetts for drivers who have caused an accident with injury

If you are responsible for a car accident that has injured someone else, you can expect an insurance increase of almost $ 1,300 per year. It may be chargeable to take the tour. Get quotes from Geico and Norfolk and Dedham. USAA is a good option for the military and veterans.

Cheap Massachusetts Auto Insurance for Drivers with a DUI

A DUI conviction can increase Massachusetts auto insurance rates by about $ 1,500, on average. If you have a DUI on file, check quotes from Geico, Progressive car Insurance, and Plymouth Rock Assurance.

Cheap Massachusetts Auto Insurance For Drivers Taken Without Insurance

Getting taken out without insurance can be very costly when it comes to purchasing a policy. If you need to purchase insurance after an outage, get quotes from Geico, which has the best rates among the companies we surveyed. USAA is probably a good option for the military and veterans.

Cheapest Vehicles for Insurance in Massachusetts

You can potentially save on your auto insurance depending on the type of vehicle you own. In Massachusetts, the Jeep Wrangler JL Sport, Honda CR-V LX, and Subaru Forester 2.5i are among the cheapest vehicles for insurance, based on average prices of the top 50 selling 2021 models. The 20 cheapest in Massachusetts are below.

The most expensive cars for insurance in Massachusetts among the popular models are the Lexus ES 300H ($ 3,110 per year) and the Tesla Model S Performance / Plaid ($ 4,381 per year).

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Massachusetts Personal Injury Protection Required

Massachusetts is a no-fault state for auto insurance. You will make most injury claims on your own Personal Injury Protection (PIP), regardless of who caused the accident. You must have $ 8,000 PIP insurance.

The PIP will take care of:

  • Medical fees
  • 75% of your salary lost if you cannot work because of the accident
  • Replacement services, which are people you need to hire to do your usual tasks, such as cleaning or babysitting

If you have health insurance, PIP will pay the first $ 2,000 of medical bills, and the rest of the medical bills will go to your health plan first, with PIP as the “secondary” payer for bills not covered by your health plan. health. PIP can cover your health plan’s deductibles and co-payments to reduce what you owe. The rest of the PIP can also cover your lost wages and replacement services.

You will be asked to choose a deductible for the PIP insurance, which is the amount you pay for the services before the PIP starts paying. You will save money by choosing a higher deductible. The franchise choices are $ 100, $ 250, $ 500, $ 1,000, $ 2,000, $ 4,000 and $ 8,000.

Compulsory Third Party Bodily Injury Insurance in Massachusetts

Massachusetts requires drivers to have liability insurance for bodily injury. It pays other people if you cause an accident in Massachusetts resulting in injury and / or damage to others.

The minimum personal injury limits you should have are:

  • $ 20,000 for injuries per person
  • $ 40,000 for all accidental injuries

Minimum coverage required for damage to property of others:

  • $ 5,000 for property damage

Together these are often written as 20/40/5.

But that level of liability insurance won’t get you very far if you cause a car accident. Medical bills can quickly exceed $ 20,000, and $ 5,000 for property damage probably won’t even cover someone’s full Corolla. To protect your assets from lawsuits, you want a high level of liability insurance.

Coverage required for uninsured motorists

Uninsured Motorist coverage in Massachusetts covers injuries you sustain because of a driver without auto insurance. Coverage will apply to you, members of your household, guest drivers of your car, and passengers (unless they are covered by another Massachusetts auto insurance policy with similar coverage).

The minimum Unified Messaging limits you should have are:

  • $ 20,000 for injuries per person
  • $ 40,000 for all accidental injuries

What else should I have?

No more liability insurance. A good auto insurance policy will give you high levels of liability. This protects your savings and other assets if you are sued for a car accident.

No more coverage for uninsured motorists. Consider higher levels of uninsured motorist coverage than the minimum required, unless you want to rely on your own health insurance for auto accidents. But before you decide, note that UM also covers other passengers in your car, who might not have good health insurance for car accidents.

Coverage of medical payments. If you have medical coverage and you are in a car accident, this will pay off after your own health insurance and PIP benefits. You can get medical coverage for $ 5,000. In Massachusetts, medical payment coverage can cover:

  • Medicare co-payment, deductibles and co-insurance
  • Health care services not covered by your health insurance plan
  • Health care from providers who are not part of your health plan network or who have not been pre-approved by your health insurer, if the PIP does not cover them

Collision and full coverage. Collision and P&C insurance are invaluable in a wide variety of situations: auto theft and damage caused by hail, flooding, fire, vandalism, falling objects and collisions with other objects and animals.

Summary: Compulsory auto insurance in Massachusetts

Can I show my insurance ID card from my phone?

Massachusetts does not require drivers to show proof of insurance and does not issue auto insurance ID cards. If you’re arrested in Massachusetts, police can check your insurance electronically through a state system.

However, if you are arrested in another state, you may be required to show proof of insurance. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep a copy of your car registration, which shows your insurance company. Or ask your insurance agent if they can print a paper ID card when you leave the state.

Factors Allowed In Massachusetts Auto Insurance Rates

Auto insurance companies typically use many factors to calculate your rates. Massachusetts prohibits the use of several factors permitted in other states, such as credit scores and auto insurance.

How many uninsured drivers are there in Massachusetts?

According to the Insurance Research Council, about 4% of Massachusetts drivers do not have auto insurance, one of the lowest uninsured rates in the country.

Penalties for driving without auto insurance in Massachusetts

If you’re caught without auto insurance in Massachusetts, you could be fined $ 500 to $ 5,000, or go to jail for up to a year, or both.

When can auto insurance be canceled?

Massachusetts law states that an auto insurance policy can be canceled for the following reasons:

  • You haven’t paid the premium.
  • You have had a fraud or a material misrepresentation on your insurance application or renewal.
  • You or the members of your household who drive your car have had your license revoked or suspended.
  • You did not have your vehicle inspected after the insurance company requested one after paying a collision insurance claim.
  • An auto insurance company can cancel you up to 90 days after the policy renewal date if 1) the insurance company does a general policy reduction in Massachusetts or 2) you haven’t completed an application. renewal at least 30 days before the expiration date of your old policy.

Resolve insurance issues

The Massachusetts Insurance Division is responsible for helping consumers resolve their insurance concerns. If you have a problem with your insurance company that you haven’t been able to resolve, the division may be able to help. See their consumer services page.


To find the cheapest auto insurance companies in Massachusetts, we used rates from Quadrant Information Services, an insurance data and analytics provider. Rates are based on a female driver with a clean criminal record insuring a Toyota RAV4 with $ 100,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per person, $ 300,000 per accident and $ 100,000 in property damage liability, coverage for uninsured motorist and any other coverage required in the state. The rate also includes collisions and comprehensive risks with a deductible of $ 500.

Companies assessed for Massachusetts were Allstate, Amica Mutual, Arbella, Chubb, Geico, Hanover, MetLife, National Grange Mutual, Norfolk and Dedham, Plymouth Rock Assurance, Preferred Mutual, Progressive, Quincy Mutual, Safety Group, Travelers, USAA and Vermont Mutual. .