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Auto Insurance Judge Ranks Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in the State of California

By on September 29, 2021 0

Baltimore, MD, September 29, 2021 – ( – It is the largest state in the country, and at last count, California had more than 50 companies that offer its residents auto insurance coverage, there is therefore a lot to do. choose from. The auto insurance judge made his list of the ten best auto insurance companies in California.

When ranking the ten best auto insurance companies in California, the auto insurance judge looked at 5 criteria when compiling his list. They are:

1. Resources easily accessible after an accident.
2. Strong and easy-to-reach customer service support.
3. A competitive auto insurance premium, but not necessarily the lowest.
4. Easy to understand terms and limitations.
5. Competent and proactive advice.

“We researched a large number of companies for our list, and I am confident that the criteria we used helped us compile our Top Ten,” said Martin Thomas, Editor-in-Chief, Auto Insurance Judge . “California obviously has a lot of auto insurance companies, but without a doubt some have definitely made it to the top of our list. People will be able to trust their needs and the needs of their families with these companies, and this will make it easier for them to sleep. “

Below is the auto insurance judge’s list of the ten best auto insurance companies in California:

1. United States of America *
3. State farm
4. Allstate Company
5. Farmers’ insurance
6. Progressive
7. Mutual freedom
8. Mercury insurance
9. Nationally
10. Exchange of automobile clubs

“California residents really need to do their research and choose wisely when it comes to auto insurance because everyone has different needs and requirements,” Thomas said. “Unfortunately, USAA * is only available to serving and retired members of the armed forces, so a lot of people can’t choose them, but the rest of the list is solid and affordable. If people haven’t Maybe it’s time to do some shopping for a while now. It might save them money and headaches. “

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